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Fishing Tradition

▷ The Art of Fishing with Red Trasmallo: Isla Cristina

by Rocío Rodríguez Botello 25 Aug 2023 0 Comments
▷ El Arte de Pescar con la Red de Trasmallo: Isla Cristina

In the heart of Isla Cristina, an artisanal fishing technique has endured over the years, transmitted from generation to generation: the art of fishing with the trammel net. This ancient method of fishing, rooted in the maritime culture of the region, reflects the skill, patience and respect for the sea that characterize the fishermen of this picturesque Andalusian town.

What is the trammel?

Trammel is a traditional fishing technique widely used on the coasts of Isla Cristina and other coastal areas. It consists of a fishing net with three layers: an external one with a large mesh, an intermediate one with a medium mesh and an internal one with a small mesh. These layers make it possible to catch different sizes of fish selectively, contributing to the sustainability of fishing. The trammel net is deployed in the water and is later collected, trapping the fish through the meshes. This artisan technique has been passed down from generation to generation and is essential for the responsible capture of various types of fish in the region.

La Destreza Behind the Trasmallo

Fishing with the trammel net requires skill and experience. Anglers need to know the ocean currents, understand the behavior of the species and know where and when to cast the net to get the best results. This in-depth knowledge of the marine environment is passed down from father to son, keeping alive a tradition that is a testament to the intimate connection between the inhabitants of Isla Cristina and the ocean.

The Value of Artisanal Fishing

Trammel fishing is a form of artisanal fishing that stands out for its low impact on the marine ecosystem. Unlike more invasive fishing methods, trammel nets allow you to capture fish selectively and respectful of marine populations. The fishermen of Isla Cristina pride themselves on their commitment to sustainability and providing fresh, high-quality fish to local communities.

Preserving Tradition

The trammel tradition is a cultural legacy that is kept alive in Isla Cristina. Every time the fishermen cast their nets into the sea, they honor their ancestors and celebrate a way of life that has been central to the community's identity. As the world changes, trammel net fishermen continue to uphold their heritage and love of the sea, ensuring that this unique technique lives on for future generations.

Discover the Trasmallo Tradition with

If you want to learn more about the art of fishing with the trammel net and explore the maritime tradition of Isla Cristina, we invite you to visit Our selection of fresh, high-quality products captures the essence of artisanal fishing and a passion for the sea. Every bite you enjoy connects us with the history and legacy of the fishermen of Isla Cristina.

Conclusion: Honoring the Legacy of the Sea

The art of fishing with the trammel net not only represents a fishing technique, but also a way of life, a connection with the environment and a history of respect and love for the sea. On Isla Cristina, this tradition remains at the heart of the community, a lasting testament to the dedication and spirit of the fishermen who have kept this unique practice alive over the years. As we explore the world of trammel netting, we immerse ourselves in a rich heritage and the promise of a sustainable future in harmony with the ocean.

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