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▷ Recipe: Anchovies in Vinegar from the Costa de la Luz

by Rocío Rodríguez Botello 29 Aug 2023 0 Comments
▷ Receta: Boquerones en Vinagre de la Costa de la Luz

The anchovies in vinegar are an authentic gastronomy delight of Isla Cristina, a traditional recipe that combines the freshness of the sea with the acid touch of vinegar. This preparation highlights the quality of seafood from the Huelva coast, becoming an iconic dish appreciated by locals and visitors.

Ingredients for the anchovies in vinegar

  • 500 grams of fresh anchovies
  • Shall
  • White wine vinegar
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • it
  • Fresh parsley

Elaboration of Anchovies in Vinegar

  1. Wash the anchovies under cold water and remove the heads.
  2. Open the anchovies in half, removing the central spine and the guts.
  3. Place the anchovies in a container with cold water and salt for approximately 2 hours to bleed them.
  4. Drain the anchovies and dry them carefully with absorbent paper.
  5. In a container, mix white wine vinegar with water in a 1:1 ratio and submerge the anchovies for 2-3 hours so that they cook in the vinegar.
  6. Remove the anchovies from the vinegar and drain them well.
  7. In a bowl, mix extra virgin olive oil with chopped garlic and parsley.
  8. Place the anchovies in a glass jar, alternating them with layers of the oil, garlic and parsley mixture.
  9. Let rest in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours before consuming.

Tips to Prepare the best Anchovies in Vinegar

To ensure an exceptional flavor, choose fresh, quality anchovies. The soaking time in vinegar will determine its flavor and texture, so adjust it according to your preferences. Be sure to clean the anchovies thoroughly to remove any bones and guts.


The anchovies in vinegar are an authentic culinary jewel of Isla Cristina that combines the freshness of the sea with the acidity of the vinegar, creating a unique gastronomic experience. Enjoy this delicious traditional dish and immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of the Huelva coast. Find more recipes and fresh seafood at

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